Personal Safety, Awareness, and Defense Training


The P4 Security Solutions training course on Personal Defense is a hands-on program, so attendees should dress appropriately and be prepared for moderate physical activity. This portion of the training program will cover a variety of “Best Practices”, and will be taught by certified law enforcement and martial arts trainers.

P4S will provide subject matter experts to develop a curriculum and conduct training tailored to each client. The intent of this training is to enhance the awareness and response regarding personal safety.

Personal Awareness

Personal Awareness is the classroom segment and will be presented by an experienced law enforcement veteran with training and teaching experience throughout the U. S. and Internationally.

This portion of the program will address the following:

  • Defining Situational Awareness
  • Methods of Reducing Criminal Opportunity
  • Strategies for Personal Safety when Walking
  • Driving Safety Strategies
  • Trusting Your Instincts
  • The Importance of Locking Doors and Windows
  • Parking Lot Safety
  • Bus and Train Station Safety Strategies
  • Carrying Personal Protection