Dispensary and Cultivation Center Security

***P4 is strongly committed to keeping Cannabis products out of the hands of criminals and minors. Our services are focused on compliance and responsibility.***

Cannabis Facilities and structures require specialized protection, security plans and services.

These locations are often the target of attention for potential criminals, terrorists, and activists. Site-specific emergency response plans, business continuity strategies, security procedures, and reporting protocols are traditionally required by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Our officers are available on short notice, for long term placement, for any of your marijuana dispensary or cannabis facility security needs. Whether you want a uniformed patrol guard, or a plainclothes guard for a more discreet look, we can accommodate your security needs without disturbing your environment.­

Physical Layout Evaluation

When it comes to providing a safe physical environment for employees, it is very important to understand how to best protect them in light of the specific physical layout of their surroundings.

The professionals at P4 Security Solutions will work with you to evaluate any physical risk vulnerabilities with regard to your marijuana dispensaries, growing facilities, offices, and parking lots. We can provide an assessment of your current security effectiveness and provide recommendations that are tailor-fit to your physical surroundings.

Access Control Systems

Access control strategy plays a critical role inadequately protecting not only main building entrances but also the admit points of suites and offices. P4S will conduct a comprehensive review of your access control systems for effectiveness, potential vulnerability, and overall functionality. Our evaluation will assess both the physical equipment being currently used, as well as the design implementation of the system.

Not only can we provide strategies, but we can help you place guards wherever and as often as needed.

Cannabis Security in Illinois

In January 2020, the adult use of cannabis in Illinois became legal. While medical marijuana has been on the books for a number of years, this new law provides local business people with the opportunity to venture into a previously unavailable marketplace.

P4 Security Solutions is ready to utilize our many years of unmatched security experience in the recreational marijuana business, both in Illinois and across the nation. To read more about how this upcoming change will impact the cannabis industry and how P4 Security can help, click here.