Emergency Management Support

Operational and Liability Analysis

It is nearly impossible to run a business today without being exposed to risk and liability. While the nature of risk can greatly vary based on industry, many companies can trace the origin of liability claim issues back to inadequate or outdated policies and procedures.


There will be circumstances when the services of a professional investigator can be brought in to help resolve issues or even prevent unpleasant occurrences from happening. The professionals at P4 Security Solutions have many years of experience in conducting sensitive investigations for individuals and businesses. Here are just some of the different types of investigative services we can conduct for our clients.


Clients depend on P4 for comprehensive information that requires some sophisticated investigation strategies. Our background checks give our clients the information that they need to know to help them make the right decisions.


The expert witness has long been considered a critical component of many legal proceedings. A person of this stature is someone who via their formal training, education, skill-set or working experience is seen in the eyes of a court of law to be a foremost authority on a given topic. Expert witnesses often have decades of hands on knowledge and involvement in their respective fields.