Safety Through the Rapidly Changing New Normal

As businesses and organizations are finding new ways to operate during the pandemic, they must consider how to ensure the safety of employees – and in some cases, the general public – while trying to get back to some semblance of normalcy.

P4 is reassessing security programs and processes, along with completing a return-to-work risk assessment. People want to be reassured they are safe, and a highly efficient way is through a data-driven approach used to oversee security management. P4 addresses client challenges by providing customized solutions that take people and technology into consideration, to chart a course to reopening in this challenging new environment.

Keeping clients informed of CDC recommendations and guidelines is also a top priority for P4, in addition to changing requirements and regulations from state and local authorities. As laws and regulations continue to evolve, P4 ensures its partners are aware of all new developments. Each change in protocol provides the opportunity for P4 to customize security programs and solutions on behalf of its clients; this includes technology designed to improve security at every stage of reopening.

Services provided by P4 include:

  • Employees temperature screens through scans or thermal imaging
  • COVID-19 risk assessments
  • Protective equipment assessments
  • Contact tracing
  • Emergency planning
  • Social distancing perimeter checks

While protecting critical infrastructure sites such as medical clinics, hospitals, and facilities throughout our nation’s supply chain, P4 officers and security professionals are helping to reduce the spread of the virus. This is accomplished in part by administering health questionnaires to employees and visitors before they enter client facilities. At the present time, these precautions must be taken as the future continues to remain uncertain. Screening service offerings are rapidly expanding; P4 is receiving requests daily and is ready to meet the demand.

As the nation and the world move forward, P4 officers will be seen wearing masks and personal protective equipment (PPE). Be assured that P4 security professionals will guide clients to ensure the safety and protection of the general public, employees, clients, and assets.

For questions on how to return to work without compromising safety, reach out to P4 here.