P4 Companies Security Operations Center

P4’s New State of the Art Security Operations Center

The P4 Companies (P4), P4 Security Solutions and P4 Protective Services, are committed to providing comprehensive solutions that safeguard people and property for any client. In addition to traditional On-Site Guarding, P4 offers a full spectrum of protective services, including those provided through the latest technology available. P4 recently unveiled a Security Operations Center that offers Remote Guarding solutions for premier commercial and high-rise residential buildings, cannabis dispensaries and grow facilities, and any organization focused on protecting its valued and diverse assets.

Understanding the need to manage costs without compromising security is a top priority of the P4 service delivery model. A multi-dimensional approach is utilized with innovative solutions that combine Remote Guarding with On-Site Guarding, Mobile Guarding, and the latest technology. These service offerings provide the most efficient and cost-effective answers for clients’ unique security requirements.

P4 Security Operations Center Benefits:

When clients utilize Remote Guarding managed through the P4 Security Operations Center, incidents are acted upon in real-time and trouble can be deterred before it happens. Other benefits and features provided include:

  • Proactive inspection of any property in key areas which increases oversight, safety and compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity of any security program by performing peripheral tasks, allowing the P4 on-site team to focus on critical duties that require a local presence.
  • Scalable solutions can be routinely delivered across multiple locations, or for escalated risk scenarios.
  • P4 officers are the first point of contact for third-party alarm calls and will monitor, investigate and escalate security measures as needed.
  • Utilize analytics for monitoring, performing talk-down procedures, locking/unlocking entrances remotely, and providing other security functions as needed or required.

P4’s open platform enables existing on-site equipment to integrate with this cutting-edge technology, and can easily tailor video-based remote patrols to address client-specific needs.

Additional Benefits of Remote Patrols:

  • Video surveillance system connects to the P4 Security Operations Center.
  • Highly trained Remote Guarding officers remotely connect to live video to perform an in-depth patrol of the client site.
  • Specific details can be recorded, as needed.
  • Response can include client-tailored audio for real-time intervention.

To learn more about how your organization can benefit from security solutions offered through the Security Operations Center, contact P4 at 312-502-1702 or email us today!

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