Life After Law Enforcement: A Future with P4

From large cities to small towns, communities across the nation are experiencing a growing demand for security solutions and services provided by off-duty or former law enforcement professionals. P4’s Operations Manager of Off-Duty Police, Ricardo Marty offers insight into why now is the time for law enforcement professionals to consider new career opportunities with the P4 Companies

Tell us about your professional background.

I have a broad law enforcement background, having spent 10 years with the Illinois Department of Corrections and another 19 years with the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. During my tenure, I reached the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Operations and also served as Chief of Internal Affairs, as well as in various administrative roles such as a facility trainer, where I provided education and guidance to more than 12,000 officers.

What do you do for the P4 Companies?

In my role as Operations Manager for Off-Duty Police, I preside over the Field Supervisors who oversee all client sites where P4 provides security solutions and services. I also coordinate the implementation of services for new clients and am responsible for staff development.

Why did you choose a job in security as your next career path?

The security industry has allowed me to have new experiences that are still very much in line with my background and expertise. I plan to fully retire from law enforcement next year, and though I’ve spent my entire career working in public service, I felt now was the time to move to the private sector. I started with P4 in a part-time capacity to stay active and involved in areas I trained in, and to maintain a connection with my brothers and sisters in blue, beyond retirement. 

What made you take notice of the P4 Companies as a potential employer?

My wife was first employed with the organization, but it wasn’t until I met the owner, Lawrence Doria, that I knew P4 was right for me. His conviction regarding his personal success being directly correlated to ensuring P4 officers are treated with the same respect that clients are, really resonated with me. Unfortunately public servants can oftentimes feel like just a number or under-appreciated in the current climate, and that has been an unfortunate experience for many. Mr. Doria’s sentiment made me realize that at P4, every employee is deeply valued – and it shows through our company culture, which feels very much like a family. 

What does P4 offer its officers?

P4 offers great flexibility – each officer chooses their own level of involvement, but there are also amazing opportunities for growth! Supervisors are available at every site to answer questions and offer assistance 24/7 – so P4 officers are always supported. There are also unique educational opportunities for officers that are unparalleled in the security industry; CPR and First Aid certifications, Crisis Intervention Training, weapons training, and several other courses that take place on an ongoing basis through the P4 Academy. Lastly, we have a diverse clientele, which provides for an exciting work experience – often officers get to take on tasks and travel to places they normally wouldn’t experience at a ‘typical’ security job. That’s because P4 is anything but typical – it’s dynamic, nimble and experiencing exciting growth! 

Why is now a good time for law enforcement professionals to consider a change?

The demand for security professionals is very high, and the opportunity to get a foot in the door of a growing company like P4 is now! Though there are many work details available, officers now have the opportunity to be promoted to more active roles – such as trainer, recruiter or supervisor. As we are experiencing rapid expansion at P4,  advancement opportunities are abundant and an integral part of our organization. Officers who sign with us will quickly come to learn they are part of something bigger – and better than they may be accustomed to – or have experienced at other security firms.  The P4 Companies prides itself on providing the highest levels of service delivery, professional development and growth opportunities for team members relative to what the security industry has to offer – and there is a true sense of camaraderie and support that is ever-present. To learn more about all of the exciting employment opportunities for off-duty or former law enforcement officers, including information about upcoming job fairs, click here.