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Cannabis Security in Illinois

Cannabis Security In Illinois

 January 2020 will mark a milestone in Illinois history, when the recreational use (also referred to as adult use) of cannabis becomes legal. While medical marijuana has been on the books for a number of years, this new law will provide local business people with the opportunity to venture into a previously unavailable marketplace. Like alcohol and medical cannabis before it, the sale of recreational marijuana will be closely regulated and the state of Illinois has committed to strict enforcement of the laws pertaining to it.

The highly knowledgeable security experts at P4 Security Solutions have an extensive amount of experience in the cannabis industry, having been a long time leader in the protection of organizations in both medical and recreational marijuana distribution chains. P4 Security Solutions is ready to utilize our many years of unmatched, security experience in the recreational cannabis business both in Illinois and across the nation.

Illinois Cannabis Security Companies  

P4 Security Solutions is pleased to offer the following professional security services to both the medical and recreational cannabis industry. Our extensive experience and proven track record of success allows us to provide an unmatched level of support in a number of critical areas.

Cannabis Security Plans

 The state of Illinois requires businesses in the marijuana industry to implement and maintain a formal security plan. This written document is a legal requirement in order to be granted a cannabis license. P4 Security Solutions are experts at creating security plans that are fully compliant with state law.

In addition to meeting all legal requirements, we take the time to get to know our clients, so we can customize a security plan that will meet their unique business requirements. After a security plan is implemented, we will continue to help businesses stay in compliance with state regulations.

Marijuana Security Officers

 P4 Security Solutions has a vast network of highly qualified and experienced security professionals who can provide onsite, protective services for your cannabis business. Our professional security staff are thoroughly vetted and highly trained. Based on the level of complexity or in more challenging environments, P4 Security Solutions has a robust roster of current or retired law enforcement officers, civilian security officers and military veterans to secure those locations. Based upon a client’s specific business needs, we can provide both armed and non-armed officers for duty at cannabis facilities.    

Advocates For Responsible Cannabis Usage

The executive leadership at P4 Security Solutions has been long committed to assisting the marijuana industry keep cannabis products out of the wrong hands. Whether it be minors or any other group of people who are not legally entitled to possess marijuana, our organization has dedicated itself to helping  cannabis related businesses remain totally compliant with applicable state laws.

Marijuana Security Services

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Our professional team has decades of experience in providing the highest quality security services to a vast number of industries. Cannabis related businesses in the state of Illinois will soon have an unprecedented opportunity to enter into a new market place of endless potential. It is most critical that these organizations commit themselves to strict compliance with all regulations regarding the production or sale of marijuana products. No matter whether your business is a retail operation, a growing facility or  a manufacturer of cannabis related products, you can count on P4 Security Solutions to not only help you stay legally compliant, but also successfully protect your valuable resources. Contact us today to learn more about how we can partner with your organization to help you capitalize on the rapidly growing cannabis industry.