Security Risks

Security Risk Assessments

Assessing Security Risk Management

It is unfortunate that the threats to people, property, intellectual property and other assets today are at an all-time high. Regardless of the size of a business or the industry, security risks are ever present and bold, proactive measures must be taken to protect life and property. Conducting a comprehensive security risk assessment, performed by security industry subject matter experts is the foundation of an effective and successful strategy.

The Types Of Security Threats

There are a variety of security threats in society today that can reap havoc on any business. Identifying risks, threats and vulnerabilities is critical to maintaining the continuity of your organization. While the risk of harm can come in many forms, major threats to companies generally fall into several basic categories.
  • Physical violence in the workplace.
  • Destruction of property.
  • Theft of intellectual property/corporate secrets.
  • Damage to a company’s reputation by a hostile actor.
  • Disturbance to business operations or impact to business continuity.

Creating A Security Risk Assessment Culture

Gone are the days of developing a corporate security risk assessment, binding it in a notebook and placing it on the office shelf. Businesses today must create a culture of ongoing security awareness, where risks are identified and evaluated on a regular basis, so effective measures can be implemented to mitigate any potential dangers to life, property or corporate assets.

The Elements Of A Successful Risk Assessment

Here are some key factors to evaluate when developing a successful risk assessment.

Workplace Violence Warning Sign Training & Incident Response

 Evaluating how well key employees are trained to spot threat indicators or signs of potential work place violence episodes, as well as being able to effectively report those findings through the proper channels is critical. In addition to prevention and identification, analyzing a company’s response procedures to an incident in order to preserve human life is also of utmost importance.

Building Security

A comprehensive security assessment of a company’s facility and grounds should take into account not only the real estate itself, but also the safety of the people who work there. In addition to evaluating building perimeter security, an assessment should also review the effectiveness of access control systems, visitor management, lighting, communication systems, alarms, cameras, building automation and any other methods of security technology/integration.

Cyber Crime Considerations

Cyber criminals (both internally or externally) are working constantly to find new ways to steal sensitive business information, hack into servers and get their hands on proprietary corporate data. No security risk assessment would be complete without a comprehensive evaluation of email security, data protection and employee access protocols. Companies should also analyze their utilization of the latest cyber technology available on the market today.

Threats To Corporate Reputation

Disgruntled employees and other hostile actors have thousands of methods of damaging a company’s good name through social media and other outlets. An effective security risk assessment should include the evaluation of the policies and procedures in place to prevent or respond to an outside party’s attempt to damage the favorable reputation of a company or its leadership.

Security Risk Management Experts

With extensive backgrounds in protection, training and consultation, the highly knowledgeable professionals at P4 Security Solutions have hundreds of years of combined experience in performing comprehensive, security risk assessments for organizations of all sizes and industries. Our experts will work with your business to evaluate your readiness to identify and mitigate all security risks, including those involving workplace violence, corporate security protocols, cybercrime, physical security and damage to reputation. Contact us today to learn more about how we have helped hundreds of organizations conduct extremely effective security risk assessments, as well as develop custom fit solutions from our findings.