Consultation Services

P4 Companies expert assessment and consultation team is capable of conducting industry-leading vulnerability assessments, risk analyses, crisis management assessments, and procedural audits for any industry anywhere in the world. At the culmination of each assessment or audit, our team’s findings will be systematically briefed and submitted with recommendations in a clear, no-nonsense report. Our advisers are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure clients have a complete understanding of noted shortcomings and recommendations.
Through the reviews shown below, interviews with personnel, and more, our team gains an excellent understanding of the logistical layout of the facility, existing policies and procedures, and environment/culture, as they pertain to security:
Emergency Management Training

Emergency Managment support

Security Assessment Services


Business Support Services

Business SUpport Services

Municipality Support Services

Municipality and LAw ENforcement Services

Dispensary and Cultivation Center Security - P4 Solutions

Dispensary and Cultivation Center Security

Cannabis Facilities and structures require specialized protection, security plans and services. Below are some of the services offered by P4.

***P4 Security Solutions is strongly committed to keeping Cannabis products out of the hands of criminals and minors. Our services are focused on compliance and responsibility.***

Educational and Institution Security Services

Education and institution services