Emergency Management Training

ACtive Shooter Training

It is an unfortunate reality in today’s world that random acts of gun violence do occur sometimes in work place facilities and offices. An active shooter is defined as an individual who is firing a weapon towards innocent people with the intent to kill, wound or terrorize within a confined area. In most cases, the victims of an active shooter are random targets.


The goal of this program is to better prepare employees to prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents of Workplace Violence (WPV). These events can be triggered at any time, and range from verbal assaults to active shooter incidents. Participants will be provided with tools to allow them to be more effective when it comes to recognizing signs and indicators of potentially problematic situations and to respond accordingly. In addition, their response options for actual situations will be discussed, which will better prepare them should a violent incident actually occur.


Emergencies in the workplace can happen at any time and tend to cause confusion and the loss of clear thinking in people. Being prepared for as many emergency scenarios as possible in a business environment will greatly decrease the chance of employees and visitors being harmed when unforeseen events take place.


P4 will provide subject matter experts to develop curriculum and conduct trainings tailored to each client. The intent of this training is to enhance the awareness and response regarding personal safety.  These training sessions are broken into two components – Self Defense and Personal Awareness.