Firearms Training

Armed security personnel are greatly in demand by private corporations, high-profile executives, and other parties needing professional security services. While the utilization of firearms is a critical part of the security industry, the topic has come under unprecedented scrutiny in recent years.  It is crucially important that police agencies and other security professionals continually participate in professional firearms training.

The professionals at P4 Security Solutions have extensive backgrounds in the field of armed security services. Drawing from our experience in private/corporate security, law enforcement, and military service, we have a unique perspective that allows us to conduct the finest Firearms Training program in the industry.

Our comprehensive Firearms Training course is designed to give security industry professionals the skills and knowledge they need to effectively and properly utilize their firearms in everyday operations. The Firearms Training program provided by P4 Security Solutions covers the following aspects of firearm management.

  • Case Law
  • Type of weapons
  • Firearm safety
  • Scenario-based weapon choices
  • Drawing weapon decision making
  • Escalation strategy
  • De-escalation methods
  • Stress & decision making
  • Range practice
  • Firing under adverse/less than ideal conditions
  • Much more

Industry professionals today face unprecedented challenges and tactical firearms training plays a crucial role in equipping your personnel to engage in successful and effective security practices. Contact us today to learn more about our Firearms Training course and how P4 Security Solutions can put our decades of industry knowledge and experience to work for you.