Sexual Harassment Training

The potential liabilities faced by organizations today with regard to being held responsible for sexual harassment in the workplace can be extremely costly, both financially and to a corporation’s reputation. Some commercial insurance policies do cover financial losses for sexual harassment, but very often the contracts require insureds to make a concerted effort to avoid these entanglements by providing employee sexual harassment training.

The dedicated professionals at P4 Security Solutions are uniquely qualified to provide high quality, corporate sexual harassment training programs. With diverse backgrounds in law enforcement, private security, military service and professional human resources management, the members of our team are subject matter experts in a wide variety of fields.

The sexual harassment training program provided by P4 Security Solutions is designed to meet the needs of both employees and corporate management.  Our curriculum has been very successful at informing employees about sexual harassment, how to recognize it and avoid allegations. The program also empowers managers with the tools they need to maintain a harassment free environment.

Our comprehensive sexual harassment training course encompasses the following elements.

  • Defining sexual harassment and a hostile work environment.
  • Recognizing sexual and gender based harassment.
  • The evolving subject of gender dynamics.
  • The personal and professional impact of sexual harassment on employees.
  • Harassment avoidance strategies.
  • Addressing complaints.
  • Post incident management strategies.
  • Ongoing support.

Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be a liability for businesses and can take a serious emotional toll on employees and overall staff morale.

The experienced professionals at P4 Security Solutions will not only conduct the highest quality sexual harassment training in the industry, but also continue to work with your organization on an ongoing basis. Our team can help ensure that your sexual harassment policy is effective and being successfully implemented. Contact us today to learn more about how our comprehensive sexual harassment training and years of knowledge in the field can greatly benefit your organization.