Workplace Violence Training

The goal of this program is to better prepare employees to prevent, respond to, and recover from incidents of Workplace Violence (WPV).  These events can be triggered at any time, and range from verbal assaults to active shooter incidents. Participants will be provided with tools to allow them to be more effective when it comes to recognizing signs and indicators of potentially problematic situations, and to respond accordingly. In addition, their response options for actual situations will be discussed, which will better prepare them should a violent incident actually occur.

Designed around YOUR organization

P4S developed this comprehensive training program with customization and flexibility in mind. Our world-class instructors and subject matter experts have designed this program to be fully modular to fit any organization’s culture, operations, and schedule constraints. This customized and culture-inclusive training program has been delivered to law offices, hospitals, primary schools and universities, passenger airline staff, small businesses and large corporations throughout the United States.

Our World-Class Instructor Cadre

P4S’s Workplace Violence instructors have decades of experience in the areas of law enforcement, and the prosecution of violent crimes giving them unparalleled insight and experience into the causes, signs, and best response practices for workplace violence events. Our friendly and professional trainers have provided thousands of hours of courseware development and instruction to private and governmental organizations around the world. Their curriculum design and interactive instructional methods are proven to provide participants with maximum retention of course topics and most importantly, an increased sense of situational awareness, and a better understanding of how to react and work as a team in their own work environment.