William Jefferson

William Jefferson

Position: Senior Operations Manager
Categories: Leadership team 1

William “BJ” Jefferson is a Senior Operations Manager. William comes to us with over 30 years of experience in the security industry. Security is only a portion of the experience he brings with him. He also served in the United States Air Force and US Army Reserves where he obtained a degree in Logistics Management.

Within his professional career BJ utilized his management skill set to be an instrumental part of merging several security companies. He was able to help manage infrastructures of these companies through a multitude of management positions such as Manager/Account Manager, District Area Manager, Roving Account Manager, Account Director, and Assistant Regional Manager. In each of these positions he was able to utilize his diverse portfolio of operational skills.

BJ has multiple certifications for training specialties that help him impact the way employees maintain safety within client structures. BJ’s extensive training includes state required instructor for Unarmed 20 Hour Course, Customer service courses and customized training to meet clients ever-changing needs. BJ was a Corporate Regional Trainer for managers that were required to utilize Winteam for daily financial goals to meet fiduciary obligations.

Even with extensive training and an astounding background BJ’s top priorities have always been safety communication and client satisfaction. Within his roles and throughout training he has embodied his principles to his teams and cultivates a positive environment where growth mindset is implemented and development shines to the forefront.

“Reults not Excuses” is the answer given when one of our Operation Manager is asked “What do you live by in your professional career?”.