Background Checks

background checks

Clients depend on P4 Secure for comprehensive information that requires some sophisticated investigate strategies. Our background checks give our clients the information that they need to know to help them make the right decisions.

Our background check services includes

  • Criminal background check
  • Employment background check
  • Tenant background check
  • Education background check
  • Company background check
  • Financial background check

We also verify references, previous employment, education credentials, marriage/divorce records, liens, lawsuits, bankruptcies, address verifications, property records, phone numbers, relatives, etc.

Criminal and Employment Background Check

Many of our clients depend on our expert network to ensure that they are avoiding bringing someone into their business that is either dangerous or dishonest. Research shows that almost 70 percent of employers check on their applicants, and nearly 50 percent do financial background checks. When a potential new hire is not properly vetted, an employer is basically inviting a perfect stranger into their place of business.

Doing a background check verifies that an applicant has the correct skills, work history and education credentials to perform what they are applying for. It also reveals driving records, sex offender status, possible aliases and past residential addresses.

Adherence to the law is paramount to a successful background check. Employers that do not handle background checks appropriately run a severe risk of being sued by a job candidate. P4S uses the most detailed databases and we work within local, state and federal compliance guidelines so that you can be assured that our services were conducted above reproach.

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