Route Analysis

A fundamental duty of corporations and commercial building owners is to do everything possible to protect the safety and well-being of employees and visitors. We live today in a time of unprecedented threats to both individuals’ welfare and the physical structures in which they do business.

In addition to the safety threats made by the rising number of workplace incidents occurring around the nation, there still exists the dangers associated with natural disasters, fire, ventilation system failures, and weather events. Should there be a need to implement an orderly exit of a commercial building, it is critical to have in place a well-designed evacuation plan.

The experienced and trained professionals at P4 Security Solutions have helped many of our clients with the development and implementation of effective building evacuation strategies. Being well prepared for the need to remove employees quickly out of a building is not only required by law in most areas, but it is also a sound and ethical business practice.

Our comprehensive evacuation plan evaluations look for these critical components:

  • Conditions in which an evacuation would be needed.
  • Situations where “shelter in place” is more appropriate.
  • Development of an authority chain of command.
  • Accessible illustrations of routes & exits.
  • Evacuation training program and drills.
  • Strategy for evacuating disabled individuals.
  • Methods of accounting for people following an evacuation.

When it’s time to assess the effectiveness of your organization’s evacuation procedures, you can count on the highly experienced team at P4 Security Solutions to provide expert guidance.

Trasportation risk assessments

P4S will conduct in-depth assessments focusing on routes and transportation methods to identify outstanding risks to our clients’ assets and operations as well as those of their key suppliers. Upon completion of each assessment a report will be submitted outlining key risks relative to both the transportation provider and the key routes utilized. The report will also contain our team’s proposed solutions for mitigating asset loss in transit.


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