Crisis Intervention Training – What’s Our Agenda?

In the world of security solutions – safety is paramount. P4 security guards are tasked with not only protecting our clients, but also their visitors, property and assets. Additionally, they must be qualified to keep themselves, as well as a potential perpetrator, safe during an unexpected exchange. To expertly handle these tasks and situations, P4 provides ongoing professional development for guards to employ de-escalation techniques that are learned, practiced and perfected through Crisis Intervention Training (CIT).

During CIT training, officers focus on nine main areas of focus. These include identifying behavior, exploring causes, practicing communication, defensive behavior and skill application. Effective response, legal considerations, decision making, and post-crisis outcomes are also part of the training curriculum. These courses are offered through the P4 Academy in multiple models; a two-day in-person course that dives deep into each of the above categories and provides physical training on restraint techniques, and a hybrid course that includes online/in-person modules. Participants of either of these sessions receive a certification upon completion. A one-day course highlighting the same agenda without the physical training component is also available, and an annual 4-hour refresher course is provided once a year, as required by the State.

P4’s CIT course is a prerequisite of employment for all officers who carry weapons and is additionally integrated into the training schedule for unarmed personnel, as permitted by their location. Why does P4 mandate this ongoing training and development for our officers? Because, the P4 Companies are committed to equipping our staff with the most effective, current and substantive training, in order to secure the best possible outcomes during a crisis. P4’s overarching goal is to do everything we can to ensure all involved parties walk away unharmed, while our clients remain wholly protected. To learn more about how our highly trained staff can help secure your organization, visit us at or call 312-502-1702.