Remaining Vigilant and Aware as Election Day Draws Near

We are now living in a time where social and cultural climates have become strained and at times, polarized, which can lead to unpredictability. There have been many stories in the news in recent months that have fueled this angst, and tensions are running high in many parts of our great country. Add in an emotionally charged presidential election – which is now just weeks away – and all of this could be the recipe for volatile outcomes that would potentially challenge us all in a variety of ways.

The P4 Companies [P4 Security Solutions (P4S) and P4 Protective Services (P4P)] want to assist our clients, partners and citizens-at-large by providing the resources needed to meet these presumed challenges, should they come to pass. As trusted security providers, with a leadership team comprised of some of the most highly regarded experts in the industry, the P4 Companies urge all community members to remain aware and vigilant in anticipation of potential protests and/or civil unrest that could occur in the days leading up to, and following, the Presidential Election on November 3, 2020. Our guidance includes suggesting that you consistently and proactively assess the need for off-duty law enforcement support, ahead of when you might need it the most.

Some noteworthy items to be mindful of, particularly during the latter part of October and into November, include:

  • Based on extended shifts and canceled days off, it is anticipated that city and state police, in addition to county sheriff’s departments, will have minimal to no availability to provide ancillary support for municipalities throughout Illinois – in the case of large-scale civil unrest.
  • While the P4 Companies have a significant number of reserve off-duty or retired police officers, it is strongly advised that organizations plan accordingly for events, locations and other situations that may be ripe for conflict – in order to proactively address all logistical challenges ahead of time.
  • This planning would be independent of any off-duty law enforcement coverage that P4 clients or other organizations may currently have contracted for, related to properties or facilities they are managing or overseeing.

During times like these, where uncertain and unstable situations can quickly arise, P4’s highest emphasis is on preserving life and preventing bodily harm. Additionally, our highly trained and experienced team members are observing and reporting situations that could lead to the need for reinforcements and/or comprehensive security support. While P4 officers can and do work diligently to prevent theft and damage to property, this occurs only in instances where intervention can be handled responsibly and safely for all involved.

To inquire about services provided by the P4 Companies, or to make arrangements for additional security support, please call 312-502-1702 or email The P4 team is standing by to help where needed and wishes you well as we all navigate through these uncertain times.