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PERC Training to Shift to an Online Format

As COVID-19 continues to infiltrate all areas of day-to-day life, nearly every industry has – or will be – forced to divert from normal protocols, in order to survive. In the world of security solutions, one area greatly affected by the implementation of the social distancing orders has been the ability to provide the necessary PERC training for new officers, as it was previously mandated to be conducted in a traditional classroom setting.

In response, the Illinois Security Professionals Association (ISPA), with support from P4 Security Solutions (P4S) and other leading security firms, and the Illinois Electronic Security Association and the Associated Detectives and Security Agencies of Illinois, saw an opportunity to pivot from standard practice and submitted a request to the Governor’s office to allow for initial training to be offered in an online format. Shortly thereafter, Executive Order 2020-16 was issued, and the request for relief was approved.

With this new statute change, the training requirement for new hires to acquire their Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC) – one type of certification criteria necessary for working security guards in the state of Illinois – can now be offered digitally. As such, P4S is now implementing creative ways to operate within this very fluid landscape, particularly within its technology platforms. The company is currently in the process of converting its instructor-led PERC training to its new, web-based learning management system. Within the coming weeks, candidates will have the ability to upload all required documents and even conduct remote interviews, as the onboarding process with potential employees is initiated. Additionally, P4S is utilizing other web-based platforms, including Trackforce Valiant, to aid in areas such as recruiting, hiring and scheduling, among others.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created an ever-changing arena with which to operate in, but we are proud of our continued ability to keep our prospective employees and staff members safe, while maintaining continuity of business,” said Paul Ohm, P4S Senior VP of Operations and Business Development. “And, we are grateful that our involvement with federal, state and local lawmakers allow us to be a participant in creating viable solutions for the difficulties currently facing our industry.”

With its flexibility in utilizing its technology platforms, P4S is confident that it will continue to be an industry leader and set examples for quickly adapting to and implementing changes that best benefit employees and enhance service lines. To learn more about training opportunities offered by P4S, call 312-502-1702 or visit https://p4secure.com/contact-us/.