Matthew Goncher

Position: ODP Operations Scheduling Manager
Categories: Leadership team 1

Matthew Goncher brings over 20 years of law enforcement experience to P4 Companies in his role as ODP Operations Scheduling Manager. Matthew manages the schedule for off duty police (ODP) operation details and ensures our clients receive the proper amount of security from ODP Operations.

As a retired Deputy Sheriff/Peace Officer, Matthew served the communities with a variety of
different roles. Matthew spent 14 years of his career as an Explosives Detection K-9
Handler. Matthew was also a member of a federal bomb technician task force which responded
to critical incidents throughout the state involving active shootings and explosive material

Matthew respects the importance of building community relationships in law enforcement and is
a big advocate of expanding and nurturing these relationships on behalf of P4. During his off time, Matthew enjoys outdoor activities with his family. He is also an avid cook.