Enhanced Benefits Offer P4 Employees Unique Opportunities

As current events continue to dictate shifting social and economic landscapes, a need has developed for strong and qualified candidates to serve as armed and unarmed security officers in a variety of locations including residential high rises, commercial buildings, healthcare and other settings where safety and security is paramount. These societal factors, coupled with explosive growth of the P4 Companies (P4 Security Solutions and P4 Protective Services) have ignited a search for the highest quality security professionals to fill a number of positions. To engage with and retain the best-of-the-best that our industry has to offer, the P4 Companies are excited to share the following information about unique benefits offered to attract new employees.

The P4 Companies offer a comprehensive benefits package to all full-time employees. Health insurance options include PPO and HMO plans to choose from, along with vision, dental and life insurance plans and a 401K retirement plan. Training opportunities for career growth are also provided, and eligible security officers will receive a $1,200 signing bonus within the first 90 days of employment. In addition to these more ‘traditional’ benefits, the P4 Companies also offer a number of enhanced benefits to support employees’ overall physical, mental and financial health. Through local partnerships, P4 employees can receive complimentary gym memberships, and be provided with financial education and planning services. P4 team members also have access to crisis counseling through their P4 employment when or if any need arises.

The P4 Companies’ philosophy is to not only develop employees to be successful in their professional lives, but also in their personal lives – which demonstrates the trust, respect and appreciation P4 leadership has for all team members. Through the offering of the aforementioned ancillary benefits, P4 employees can be provided with opportunities to be a healthy and well-rounded professional and individual. To learn more about P4 employment opportunities, including part-time opportunities, click here.