Executive Protection Training

Business executives, celebrities and other high profile individuals today face risks to their personal safety  that was unheard of even a decade ago. It is more important than ever for security professionals who are responsible for safeguarding such people to have the best protection skills possible.

The highly knowledgeable team at P4 Security Solutions have decades of experience in all aspects of personal security protection, having backgrounds in law enforcement, corporate security and U.S. military service. Our Executive Protection training course was created to provide security professionals with the  skills, knowledge and tactics needed to successfully protect high profile people while both in transit and  stationary locations. Personal protection training is critical in the risk laden environment we live in today.

Our comprehensive training program integrates today’s cutting edge thought leadership, modern technology, as well as proven traditional strategies. Real life experiences are also woven into the training, gained from many years of managing both domestic and international executive protection operations.

Here are just some of the topics that are covered in the Executive Protection training from P4 Security Solutions.

  • Identifying the need for high profile personal protection.
  • Protection personnel duties.
  • Threat vulnerability assessments.
  • Executive protection formations.
  • Proven protection strategies and techniques.
  • Vehicle arrival & departure details.
  • Special event protection planning.
  • Venue advance work.
  • Emergency first aid.
  • Vehicle protection & driving training
  • Much more

You can count on the dedicated experts at P4 Security Solutions to provide your security personnel the finest Executive Protection training the industry has to offer. Our course will equip your staff with the skills, knowledge and strategies needed to implement successful and effective security details. The complex world of today presents unique challenges for the executive security industry. Contact us today to learn more about how the highly experienced team at P4 Security Solutions can help prepare your security professionals for the challenges of today’s ever evolving and uncertain world. When it comes to Executive Protection training, we are your one source solution partner.