High-Threat Protection

Our core belief is that the best security is based upon advanced planning and preparedness, working with local law enforcement and getting the most accurate real-time information available. Our company and staff have years of experience guarding VIPs, executives, celebrities and diplomats – with a stellar track record. Our bodyguards’ qualifications and credentials demonstrate both specialized training in related law enforcement and military applications. We work seamlessly in the background, we are always present and we blend in with every event and situation, matching ourselves to the specific styles, need and schedule of the person or group that we are protecting.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Our team’s experience covers a multitude of situations and protection for clients that are in the spotlight:

  • Celebrity athletes
  • VIPs and diplomats
  • Movie stars, entertainers and companions
  • Journalists

P4 Security Solutions’ Principal Larry Doria has provided celebrity protective services to the following:

  • Next of Kin – Patrick Swayze
  • Red Heat – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jim Belushi
  • Road to Perdition – Tom Hanks & Paul Newman
  • Uncle Buck – John Candy
  • Only the Lonely – John Candy & Maureen O’Hara
  • Back Draft – Kurt Russell & Robert DeNiro
  • Driven – Sylvester Stallone & Burt Reynolds
  • The Untouchables – Kevin Costner & Robert DeNiro
  • The Package – Gene Hackman
  • League of their Own – Madonna & Tom Hanks
  • Home Alone 1 & 2 – Macaulay Culkin

Experienced and Certified VIP Protection

P4 Security Solutions capabilities were developed to exceed our clients’ expectations by securing intellectual, property and human assets. Our experience in any category of VIP protection is unparalleled. We maintain a team of subject matter experts with accessibility to cutting edge tactics and resources, providing either full-scale security management or seamlessly working alongside an existing security team.

Our team’s experience covers a multitude of situations and protection for clients that may be in the spotlight or require exceptional security.