Kurt Kourakis

Position: Supervisor of Off Duty/Retired Services
Categories: Leadership team 1

Kurt joined P4 Security Solutions as Supervisor of Off Duty/Retired Services. Kurt recently retired after a distinguished career, spanning more than three decades with the Chicago Police Department and has been defined by a relentless pursuit of justice and security.

Throughout Kurt’s tenure, he was assigned to the Bureau of Detectives, where he delved into a diverse range of investigations, from complex white-collar crimes to the grim realities of homicide cases, skillfully navigating through a tapestry of sensitive and complex investigations. His ability to conduct and manage investigations with precision and thoroughness has been the cornerstone of his professional identity. In recent years, Kurt transitioned to the Bureau of Counterterrorism’s Intelligence Section, where his focus shifted towards safeguarding the City of Chicago against potential threats. Analyzing complex patterns, predicting trends, and devising strategic security measures became second nature to him.

Kurt’s expertise encompasses undercover operations, where he excelled in delving into organized crime, terrorism, gang activity, and more. His extensive experience in threat assessment and collaboration with Federal agencies adds another dimension to his abilities. As Kurt embarks on a new role with P4 Security Solutions, he anticipates pursuing his extensive investigative experience into a fresh approach. This chapter promises to be an exciting blend of innovation and application, where his insights will undoubtedly contribute to the development of security solutions.