Expert Witness

The expert witness has long been considered a critical component of many legal proceedings. A person of this stature is someone who via their formal training, education, skill-set or working experience is seen in the eyes of a court of law to be a foremost authority on a given topic. Expert witnesses often have decades of hands on knowledge and involvement in their respective fields.

The Role Of An Expert Witness

Expert witnesses are relied upon in court proceedings to issue objective opinions, having no allegiance to one party or another. The main role of an expert witness is to make a presentation of clear cut facts, based on generally accepted principles in their field of study. It is not the responsibility of the expert witness to attempt to persuade a judge or jury into making conclusions about a case.

P4 Security Solutions Expert Witness Services

The highly skilled and experienced professionals at P4 Security Solutions have been recognized for many years as experts in such diverse areas as public safety, municipal law enforcement, private sector security and management operations. In addition, our vast partner network can offer medical expert witness testimony, as well as other professional disciplines of study.

Our team can work with your legal counsel for the purpose of litigation preparation or to deliver sworn testimony in open court. You can count on the seasoned professionals at P4 Security Solutions to provide the finest expert witness services the security industry has to offer.

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