Site Survey

Relocating into a larger office space or opening a branch location is an exciting time for companies who are growing. When assessing the available marketplace of alternative business facilities, it is critically important to ensure that the one you choose will optimize your business objectives, the well-being of your employees, as well as promote a positive and productive work environment.

The highly experienced professionals at P4 Security Solutions have many years of hands on knowledge in evaluating new office properties for clients in every field. Our dedicated team can conduct a comprehensive survey of the suitability and appropriateness of prospective office locations, tailor fit to your specific industry and business goals.

Our customized, extensive location site survey will assess the following critical characteristics of every potential business property:

  • General security via public entrances and client specific space.
  • Operational logistics.
  • Transportation infrastructure within building vicinity.
  • Facility accommodations.
  • Life sustainment resources (fire extinguishers, AED devices etc.).
  • Municipal Support Services (proximity of police and fire).

Finding the best new office space is important to every business. Let the highly trained team at P4 Security Solutions help you make fully informed decisions about a new location and its ability to provide critical security, safety and transportation resources. You can count on our experts to give your organization a comprehensive perspective of any proposed relocation facilities.

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